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Folio: The first email assistant for loan officers & processors

Folio automatically organizes your email by borrower and keeps everyone updated and on track.

Timeline templates

Create and share timelines with your borrowers in seconds.

Smart folders

Folio creates a folder in Outlook that you can use to organize your emails, or let Folio’s email assistant move emails automatically.

Calendar sync

When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to your calendar in Outlook.

Set up reminders or notes for your clients and team to keep everyone on track during the loan process.

Reminders and Notes


"I love, love, love this application. I am not sure how I have managed without it. It keeps everyone in the loop and I can see all deadlines in one glance." 

Candi Steidler

"I use this tool daily and I get several compliments from fellow Real Estate Agents when they see how well it works... Sharing timelines with clients give me the WOW factor."

Charles Lee

"My clients are crazy about this. The timeline keeps everything amazingly organized and there are no surprises (or excuses)... Love it!"

Alfred DeRosa

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100,000 mortgage and real estate pros rely on Folio to stay organized and on track.

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Syncs with the apps you use most

Folio seamlessly integrates your Gmail, Calendar, and Docusign. It’s easy to use Folio because it works with the tools you already use everyday.

Easily find transaction emails, contacts and dates in Gmail with the Chrome extension installed.

Dates automatically sync to your Google or Outlook Calendar.

Send out documents for signatures from your inbox by connecting Folio to your Docusign account.

Wow your borrowers with a beautiful shared timeline

Each loan in Folio comes with its own timeline to keep everyone on track

Timelines to share with clients

Each loan comes with a timeline for you to share with borrowers so they can see what’s coming up during closing.

Find loan related emails in seconds with automatic Smart Folders in Outlook